There are many brands of cars featuring Gilco chassis. Among these are very important auto-makers that are just as famous today, as well as other minor makers, some of which are confined to automotive history; in addition, for several automobiles were produced in very limited numbers or in single models – the cars known today as Etceterini.

Gilco’s Historical Archives is compiling a directory subdivided by brand (or automaker) that will later be shared, and be accessible by clicking the desired brand.

For the moment, we simply disclose the icons of the main auto brands.


As set out in its aims, the association Registro Storico Gilco is working to create a census of all vintage and antique cars with Gilco chassis as well as a definitive Register of the original models still in existence.

The Archivio Storico Gilco is compiling a directory of all known cars built with Gilco chassis, subdivided by brand (or automaker) and listed in chronological order.

The description of each car accompanied by images will then be completed with information regarding body-makers, mechanics and other details.

Considering the large number of automobiles, as well as of rare models built by minor automakers, pilots and other individuals, the final compilations of these directories will be greatly aided by the information and submissions the Association will receive directly from car lovers and car owners.

Going forward, all the data received will be verified and integrated by the Association. All submissions will be assessed, and approved automobiles will be then officially included in the Historical Register.



Registro Gilco CAR BADGE



Distintivo Registro Gilco


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